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Casual guild founded March 23rd 2010. Currently not actively recruiting.
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He's like... totally dead

by Azotochtli, 308 days ago

Good times were had, corpse runs were made. Good job, Blizzard!

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Project Mythic+

by Azotochtli, 333 days ago

Plan is to start Mythic runs on jan 8th, invitations are out. Until then Wogr, Tibbi and I have some leveling and gearing to do. Hopefully we can do some dungeons in the evenings between Christmas and New Year, possibly with the aid of Trams.

Also, don´t forget to farm Nightfallen rep to honoured to gain access to the last two mythic dungeons.

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Raiding on indefinite break

by Azotochtli, 1012 days ago

Heya folks,

as you can tell by the post below real life issues has forced Omarion to step down as GM. Moreover, Omarion and Bungosmash has left the guild for now.

All in all, this means raiding is on a break for now. Everyone is of course free to find another guild if they so wish. Omarion has joined Awakened for instance. I'm personally not familiar with them but they seem like a nice enough guild.

I haven't decided whether to keep playing or not myself. I can't commit to raiding more than once a week which rules most raiding guilds out for me. The same applies for others in the guild including Wogr. We might start recruiting for a "once a week" raiding team, might go pure social or maybe quit altogether. I'm pretty busy this week but we'll see what happens in the next week or so.

UPDATE: After having weighed different alternatives I've decided to quit WoW for now. My main reason for playing is raiding and as I don't have the time to recruit for a "once a week" raid team this was unfortunately the logical conclusion. I've promoted Demonstorm to GM and wish you all the best of luck in the future.

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Fare you well, friends.

by Omarion_, 1012 days ago

Hey guys.

Sorry to say that I ended up deciding so, but I'm leaving The Fallen Temple, after 5 years. It feels terrible to leave you but I feel like I have to. I just can't be a GM anymore, stuff happening to me IRL has taken away all that was left of my enthusiasm and I can't really do anything anymore about it. I'll apply to Awakened and hope for the best.

Thank you Marcus, Oscar, Rob, Trams, Wipe, Jimmy, Mary, Netch, Sage, Jarn, Raph, Silly and all the people I can't remember at the moment. Thanks for everything.

I'll keep whoever I have on Bnet list and talk to the people at Awakened if you guys want to try.

Sorry to leave you like this. 



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With GM, even more pew pew

by Azotochtli, 1020 days ago

HC Butcher and Imperator normal down.

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Less GM, more pew pew

by Azotochtli, 1032 days ago

HC Kargath and normal Ko'ragh down...

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A good headstart!

by Omarion_, 1065 days ago


Just a couple of lines to announce that our first raid night for this new season has gone very well, granting us a nice 5/7 right off the bat. Good job guys! Recruitment will still go on until we get a good number of raiders to hopefully get into Mythic raiding, although we might have for Blackrock Foundry to release, or even later. That's it for now, have some nice holidays and see you in game.


PS. I'll remember to take some killshots for our first Heroic kills

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Updates on raiding.

by Omarion_, 1073 days ago

o/ there

A few updates on what concerns raiding.

First off, our schedule has changed a little, so we're going to have a main raid night on Thursday, starting 19.30 and ending at 23.30 (server time) and a second, optional night on Tuesday, for farming and such, with a lower hour count, with flexible starting times, anyway always around 20.00.

We luckily found a tank already and we have more than enough DPS, we just lack a healer or two, so for now we'll only recruit people in that role. On this topic, I decided to create a new rank, called Recruiter. Same permissions as a Raider, plus the possibility to recruit people. No need to have promition privileges as newcomers will be put as Trial by default. Whoever wants to help can ask me in game. In any case, we won't stop recruiting until we have around 20-22 people ready to raid.

Our first raid night is on the 18th, so you still have one week. By that time please try your best to have at least ilvl 630, with every piece of gear 615 or above.

That's it for now, see you in game.



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We're recruiting!

by Omarion_, 1089 days ago

Hello everyone!

Omarion here, Guild Leader of The Fallen Temple. I'm happy to announce that our raiding season has started again!

We are currently looking for players in all the roles and thankfully the new raiding structure gives us few limits on the number of people that can join us, although we'll try to keep the DPS/Healer ratio to the usual 5/3. 

Ours is a usually laid back approach to raiding, we have very experienced people in our roster willing to help the newcomers and we do our best to make the raid night a fun experience with friends from all over Europe. This being said, every single member of our team puts the maximum effort in the preparation of all the encounters we are about to take part of, and we expect everyone to do so.

The goal is to progress through Normal and Heroic raids, hopefully accessing Mythic difficulty, should our numbers and performance allow us to. We plan to raid on Thursdays and Tuesdays, starting at 20.30 server time and ending our raid nights at 23.

We are also looking for players who are simply looking for a place to stay and chat with friends, and plan to do a lot of guild activity!

If you are interested just write a comment to this post, apply directly to the guild via this site (recommended) or add me on B.Net (Omarion#2538) and let's have a chat!

See you soon


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by Omarion_, 1097 days ago

Hey guys,

Here we go again! Writing down couple of lines before I go to work so if I miss something just ask in the comments. Anyway, quick and to the point, soon we'll start recruiting again for raiding, and most likely socials as well because why not. For those interested in raiding please add a comment to this post with your availability, role, etc. Still don't have everything planned but the idea is to have 1 raid night at least, plus another one if we see it's worth. For those who never raided with us, the new flexible system makes so that we can finally let you in without any troubles, keep in mind though that you're supposed to be prepared (gear/flasks/strats) on raid day.

That's it for now, looking forward to start another raiding season with you guys, WoD currently seems to be better than I expected, and that's fantastic.

See you in game!


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